Meet Dr. Amanda Olejniczak

Professionally, I am very passionate about providing quality care for my patients, which includes listening to their needs and desires when pursuing orthodontic treatment. I understand the importance of finding an orthodontist who will listen to your concerns and focus on your needs because I would want the same type of care. Working with patients who appreciate the aesthetic and functional transformations I create on a daily basis is exceptionally rewarding. 

Like many adolescents and teenagers these days, I was referred to a local orthodontist while I was in middle school. During what can already be an emotionally trying time, I was told that I would need braces in order to correct my misaligned teeth. As a teenager, I remember the fear of being teased or tormented due to my “metal mouth.” What I eventually discovered, however, was that my orthodontist was helping transform me into the woman I am today. In addition to (and perhaps more importantly than) improving my bite, my orthodontist created a smile that increased both my self-esteem and confidence. In turn, this transformation helped to improve my attitude and outlook on life.  

I feel honored each and every day to work with kids and adults in the community, helping to transform their smiles and perhaps even their lives. I truly enjoy being an orthodontist, and it is a pleasure to wake up and do what I love each and every day!

Education and Continuing Education

Providing quality care for my patients is my priority, and to do that I believe continuing education is essential. Attending advanced seminars and courses allows me to stay up-to-date on the latest orthodontic concepts and technology.

My passion for education has led me back to Marquette University School of Dentistry. On Wednesday afternoons I work with the current orthodontic residents on the clinic floor, overseeing the treatment of many patients. Being a faculty member at Marquette gives me an opportunity to teach future orthodontists many important clinical skills and techniques. It is truly a rewarding experience!

Professional Affiliations

Outside the Office

Originally from Germantown, my husband, Jason, and I recently moved to Grafton. Jason is currently working in Cedarburg as a personal trainer. Our adorable Labrador-mix puppy, Shea, whom we adopted from the Saukville Humane Society, is now 6 years old. My husband and I enjoy spending time together whether working out at the gym, going for a run, taking long walks around our neighborhood, or playing with our dog. Although, the recent addition of our little boy, Caleb, has definitely changed what we do with our spare time! Caleb has brought us so much joy and entertainment over the past year. We love him more than words can express!

Being active in the community allows me to see my patients and their families enjoying the sports, hobbies, and activities about which they are most passionate. We find it very rewarding to support sports programs such as Grafton Little League, Grafton Soccer, and many others. In addition, we support the Grafton Performing Arts and various other community fundraisers, events, and organizations such as the Grafton Education Foundation. Currently, I am also personally involved with the Grafton Community Scholarship Fund, Grafton Education Foundation, and Grafton Chamber of Commerce. Since moving into the area, I have enjoyed getting to know community members through my involvement with these committees!